Common Jeep Problems

May 31, 2023, 11:39 am Car Maintenance

Driving a Jeep, you may have experienced what we call “The Death Wobble”. When the wobble starts, you will feel the steering wheel shake violently, typically after a pothole or another severe hit, or sometimes when you hit the brakes too hard. If any of this is sounding familiar, it’s important to get your vehicle to our ASE certified professionals at Parrotta’s Auto Service.

“The Death Wobble”, despite its name, does not mean your life is in danger. The important thing is to remain calm and drive safely to our shop located at 357 Main St, Agawam, MA 01001. Our honest and professional technicians will use the latest automotive technology to diagnose and repair your Jeep as quickly as possible.

Do not ignore this problem! If you do, you risk breaking and damaging your ball joints, tie rod ends, front track bar, steering stabilizer, and many more important parts of your Jeep. When you bring your Jeep to Parrotta’s Auto Service, we will inspect all the necessary parts to make sure you are safe and sound when you hit the road again. Drive safe!

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