BG Driveline Service


As an authorized BG service provider, Parrotta’s Auto Service is pleased to bring you the best in preventative maintenance products provided by BG.


Heat, moisture, extreme pressure and loads cause gear oil to break down or to be contaminated, leading to lubrication failure and worn gears.


Remove and replace old worn-out lubricant from manual transmissions, front and rear differentials, transaxles, and transfer cases. Install gear oil or the additive package required for vehicle application.

You’ll experience smoother gear-shifting, quieter operation and extended component-life, which will reduce major repair costs due to worn gears.


  • Thermal stability
  • Extended life of lubricant and components
  • Improved seal performance

Give us a call today at Parrotta’s Auto Service. There is no need to worry about your vehicle, as our team will provide you with recommendations that will prolong the life of your car. Always ask your service advisor today which oil change service is right for you. Please come in and see our service team at Parrotta’s Auto Service. Give us a call at (413) 786-0959 or visit us in Agawam.

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