Molly (Facebook)

Cannot say enough about Parrotta’s. I love to drive and I adore my VW Jetta GLI…. like many people my car is the biggest investment I have made and it means so much more to me than just a way to get from Point A to Point B. After being heartbroken (and scared) by what seemed like a major engine issue that even my mechanic buddies could not diagnose, Parrotta’s came highly recommended by a family friend. From the moment my car arrived to when I brought it home, these guys were phenomenal. They were kind, reassuring and walked me through absolutely everything that was going on with regular updates. Unfortunately, the problem originated with the timing chain and in many cases the engine is easily ruined – I was lucky I did not keep driving it, but still this required a very specialized repair. The Parrotta’s team was completely prepared to rise to the task. They even really went above and beyond, also giving some much-needed attention to some other issues I had not had the time or money to address, including a bent rim, bad tires and a cracked windshield. After asking them for a quote and getting the best deal I had come across so far, I asked them to please go ahead and get it all done while the car was with them. Honestly, now the car looks and runs better than when I first bought it. From now on I will not entrust my car to anyone else. Not only are they highly skilled and experienced, but you can tell they love what they do and that makes all the difference. Thank you again you guys… so very much!!!!! I am so grateful you saved my beloved six speeds of German madness!!!!