Replacing your high voltage battery can be a very expensive purchase. We can maintain your battery for you by restoring balance to it to minimize your chance of having to replace it. This can prolong the life of the battery, clear codes you can’t seem to get rid of, make your car start faster, give you better acceleration and even bump up your MPG’S.

If you are facing a battery replacement due to high voltage battery codes give restoration a chance first, a majority of the time this works. On the rare occurrence it doesn’t we will credit you the cost of the restoration towards the cost of a replacement battery.

Looking for a new hybrid charger? Prolong hybrid charger is the ultimate accessory for any avid hybrid owner. It allows you to keep control of your expensive battery. Call 413-786-0959 or stop by and talk to Bruno about your charging needs. You can also learn more about the Prolong hybrid charger by clicking here.