Here are some things that you should do when bringing your car in for service to Parrotta’s:

  1. Bring your car in with a half tank of gas. This way all tests can be run, the car can be road tested and you don’t have to pay the shop to get gas for you.
  2. Empty your trunk, the tech may needs to get to wiring, fixtures, whatever: it’s best to have an empty trunk.
  3. Empty the interior of items on the floor, as well as pictures on the dash blocking the check engine light or the brake indicator light.

PLEASE NOTE: Parrotta’s is open from Monday through Friday and therefore can be hard on folks that can’t do without a vehicle during the work week. Please feel free to call to make reservations to use one of the SIX loaner cars that Parrotta’s has.

You should ask around town, you will find you can trust Parrotta’s. When you get here you will realize what kind of people we are. You and your car can enjoy the entire PARROTTA’S EXPERIENCE.